Planovi za budućnost

Знате како то иде са хобијима током времена, мењају. Овај римејк пројекат је наш хоби за дуго времена, али како све ствари мењају у овом свету, тако се и она ... Последња издање (р6720) је био веома напоран. Ја и Левин још увек на одмору од озбиљне Кам Ремаке кодирање.

Оно што сам хтео да кажем је нас дави дуже време. Пре неколико месеци смо схватили да смо се толико досадила пикелатед 2Д графика, нервозан анимација и бескрајне ток БугФикинг (и бескрајна фонтана идеја да додајете нове куће и јединица нисмо могли додати) да смо одлучили да ставе ово крају.

Неки од вас неће допасти, али они који су јаки напамет треба наставити:

Decision was made. Starting with it was hard, so we had to have a few glasses of wine (made earlier by a fellow Farmer chap, stomping on pink pixely grapes). Hold on to your seats – we decided to create a radically new game!

We have discussed over what should it be – an FPS shooter in Lauenburg ruins, Arcade Walheim, even a racing game in the Moorbach suburbs (I have some race games experience, even a few car models in my garage). All that looked promising and refreshing after KaM. But I guess everyone is bound to his fate, so we ended up right where we have started – on an RTS genre. Could be boring once again, but we figured we might change something in the recipe.

First things first, we headed to the drawing board. (Pardon our lines, we had wine, remember?)

We had no napkins, had to draw on a whiteboard

The game’s logic needs to become fully rectangular, preferably in green lines. House outlines have to become red to stand out on the screen. Something has to become blue, but neither of us could remember what exactly, so we have started working and hoping to figure it out later on. And most importantly, no change is complete without changing left-side menu into a bottom-side one. Ever!

With all that planned well ahead we have butchered the 2D render and everything around it and threw it away (in the most brutal way possible). Also had to dispose of any unwanted witness serfs and builders. Houses were demolished and rubble cleaned up. New tins with paints were opened and plywood sheets ordered. Meet the Next Knightly RTS prototype:

Изградња из разлога уп

Of all things, we are using the same game engine. Porting Delphi code to Unity or Unreal Engine would take months of work, and we don’t have time for that. With a team of just two guys, we need to be efficient. Lewin is working hard on new design ideas, balance and gameplay pace. I’m focused on adding a 3rd dimension to the engine, visual design, 3D modelling and animation.

чекића шперплоча

Using the latest OpenGL technology the game will feature 50% more dimensions, spherically harmonic trees, physically based resources and lots of facial hair for Recruits. And of course good perspectives on Android, iOS, OSX, *nix and PC versions from the single executable!

This a long road ahead. We might bump into some problems, but hopefully we will overcome them like we did before. Wish us luck!

Thumbs up!

20 одговори на „Planovi za budućnost

  1. Is this an April Fool? 🙂

  2. Guys… April will be in next five minutes…
    New game? .Yhis is too awesome to be real… Great joke!

  3. Good try for april fools 😛 love how much thought went into it haha

  4. Seems like an April fool. Good one!

  5. I know that this is just a joke..but to be honest i really like it.

  6. What is this shit

  7. eeeeeeww all aboard the mineshitcraft train

  8. i cant believe this.

  9. [LLL]Alchemist

    Yo Dudes, if i get it right, you will start with a development 3-D version of Kam-Remake? And stop develop the 2-D version. I like the 2-D version more then the 3-D version. And for the other dudes who think it’s a 1th April joke. I think it’s some serious shit what they tell. Because if i look to the date of the post, it’s 31th March 2015 not 1th April 2015.
    But…… many thanx for the work that they put in development.

    [LLL]Alchemist 😉

  10. OK CHUMPS!

  11. I wouldn’t actually mind playing this 😀 I mean look at it it’s awesome.
    All I say is well played guys, well played.

  12. Felippe R. Lobo

    Vocês fizeram um ótimo trabalho com o KAM nós aqui no brasil adoramos o jogo , com certeza este próximo sera tão bom quanto o remake que fizeram ou ate melhor . Boa Sorte 😀

  13. Noooooo 2D is ok

  14. No matter if joke or not, the 3D graphics style in the two screenshots looks awesome. Not like KaM(R), but great in it’s own way!

  15. You are telling it looks awesome ? Wake up guys , 2D looks the best – I didnt see better graphics/animation in others games. Thanks to 2D graphics you can run KaM on almost all PCs.
    Compromise solution is 3D mod can be just “skin”, so you can independently switch between 2D/3D (play in 2D against player with 3D) and game style would be same 🙂
    —sorry for my english

  16. I was stunned when I read this, but it is understandable after all.
    Despite that I would be very happy if this is a 1st of April’s joke indeed.
    Since it’s 2nd of April right now, Krom, Lewin, please confirm that this is a joke or not.

    Bow to you two!

  17. .. the joke has some serious truth to it.

  18. Relancez un projet pour le Kam Remake car version 3D ne plait pas du tout et remettez une version avec la possibilité de tuer des villageois et de créer la marie… du moins pour les joueurs qui souhaites jouer en mode Lan sur un server local. Par contre vous pouvez mettre des restrictions sur les joueurs qui décide de jouer sur server web.

    Une version de Kam Remake qui nous permettrais cela serais le top du top 😉

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